What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like


If you are asked what does ylang ylang smell like then how would you explain it? Well, that is quite difficult and we barely find any words to do it….

What Does Violet Smell Like (Guide 2022)

What Does Violet Smell Like

Violet is currently considered as a reasonably inexpensive, simple, and vintage smell. However, the most often asked question is what does violet smells like? It may be regarded as dated…

What Does Musk Smell Like {Fragnance Guide}

what does musk smell like

Have you ever wondered, “What does musk smell like?” Is the egg-like brown furball a real musk? You must be also thinking about why does this has so much effect…

What Does Geranium Smell Like?

what does geranium smell like

Geranium is a small shrub or herbaceous plant of a genus that consists of cranesbill. It has been one of the most important raw materials in perfumery for centuries now….

How To Make Perfume From Flowers

A great scent might have a hundred different elements, but sometimes keeping things simple is just as pleasant. While detailed top notes, middle notes, and base notes may be used…

Best Perfumes That Smell Like Soap [Awesome Scents]

Best Perfumes That Smell Like Soap

Often when we smell a perfume that Smells Like Soap, we form a certain like or dislike for the notes. Why does this happen? It is because our sense of…

What Does Honeysuckle Smell Like: Description, And More!!

Honeysuckle Perfumes

Rare people know that there are fragrances for different seasons; the honeysuckle is the fragrance that you must prefer in warm weather. The honeysuckle perfume should be preferred when the weather turns…