What Does Fig Smell Like? (Fig Perfumes)

Are you looking for a unique style of perfume? Wonder no more, Because we have something interesting for you. what does a fig perfume smell like? (FIG PERFUMES) Have you ever heard of fig perfumes? If you haven’t, then let me explain it to you. 

Figs are generally referred to as fruit but do you know what it is in actuality? It is actually a group of tiny flowers that grows inside a shell that is edible. Figs are mostly grown in countries like Greece, Turkey, Spain, California, etc. 

They have an intensely sweet taste, so it is mostly used to prepare dessert but can be eaten as it is as well. Apart from having some dietary benefits, do you know that figs can be used to make perfumes? Yes, you can prepare fig scents and these are quite famous in some areas of the world. 

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The season for eating fresh figs is short but the dry ones can be eaten throughout the year. However, fig fragrances are not going to be out of trend during any season. 

Want to know what a fig perfume smells like? Some people cannot actually withstand fig-scented soaps, candles, and perfumes but I personally like them a lot.

Fig perfumes generally have a sweet, syrupy, and fruity kind of fragrance in them. This ripe and sweet scent when combined with coconut or green notes, can provide you a Mediterranean-like fragrance.  

Keeping in mind your interest in fig perfumes, I have prepared a list of best fig perfumes. Scroll down below and check out the best fig perfumes ever. 

Top Fig Perfumes

  1. Diptyque Philosykos: Diptyque Philosykos is an amazing fragrance that has got woody and green scent of the figs. When you will open this perfume, it will have a blast of green fig which is supported by the creamy and sweet scent of coconut. 

The combination of fig and coconut provides a very beautiful, realistic, and fresh scent that will smell even better with the passage of time. When this perfume starts drying out, the fragrance becomes a bit more woody. Overall, it is a fantastic choice that provides fragrance with a bit of sweetness and woody touch to it. 


What Does Fig Smell Like? (Fig Perfumes)

You can wear Diptyque Philosykos during the season of spring as well as summer. The fragrance of green and fresh scents is perfect for the warm season as it will help you to brighten and uplift your vibes. You can use this perfume every day in summer as it has got a very freshening and realistic scent. 

  1. Pacifica Mediterranean Fig: Pacifica Mediterranean fig has a got a fruity and woody scent in it. When you open the perfume, you will experience the natural scent of fig which is supported by the green fragrance. After a while, a hint of soft spices gets added to it but don’t worry it is very light.

After the perfume dries a bit, you will be able to smell sandalwood too. However, this perfume is all about fruity fragrance with green undertones to it. 

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Pacifica Mediterranean fig can be worn every day during the warm season because the fragrance uplifts your mood. It is also a great option to be worn at your workplace as well. 

Pacifica Mediterranean Fig
Pacifica Mediterranean Fig
  1. Thierry Mugler Womanity: Theirry Mugler Womanity is a fig perfume with a sensual and sweet scent in it. When you open the perfume, you will experience a gorgeous tropical fig along with a sweet and sensual fragrance. The background feels like a smell of breeze near the sea when you apply this perfume. 

You can wear Theirry Mugler Womanity perfume throughout the year. The combination of sweet and sensual fragrance makes it perfect for warmer as well as the cold seasons. This is also a good choice to be worn when you are going out clubbing due to the sensual effect it provides.

Thierry Mugler Womanity
Thierry Mugler Womanity
  1. Byredo Pulp: Byredo Pulp is a perfume that is inculcated with sweet fruity scents. When you open the perfume, you will experience sweet scents of fruit, especially plums and apples. The sweet scent of fruits is supported by floral undertones. 

When the perfume starts drying down, the scent of wood starts emerging. However, this fragrance mostly focuses on fruity scents. 

Byredo Pulp can be worn during cold seasons such as fall and spring. Because of its fruity, sweet, and strong smell, it works best during cooler weather. This scent also provides you a luxurious feel, so you can make it work in your formal meetings as well. 

Byredo Pulp
Byredo Pulp
  1. Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi: It is one of the best fig perfumes that has got woody and citrusy scents in it. When you open the perfume, you will experience the fragrance of different citruses, which will help in uplifting and brighten your mood. 

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi is a good option to be used in warm weather. It is a happy-smiling scent and works perfectly in pretty much every situation. You can wear it to the office, on a casual day, and even when you are working out. Trust me it will not go wrong. 

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There are a variety of other fig perfumes as well. However, the above-mentioned fig perfumes were some of my personal favorites. 

Comment down below, and let us know which one is your favorite fig perfume?  


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